EDITORIAL: The power of ideas

Maybe it wasn’t on par with the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, but Hillsboro’s “Holly Days” Christmas Parade was a noble effort to generate new interest and energy in the city’s downtown during the holiday shopping season.

Organizers will need to decide whether the parade successfully met the objectives they had for it, and whether it should become an annual event. We enjoyed tolerable weather this time around, but we all know the variable of unpredictable and sometimes severe late-November weather makes it a somewhat risky venture.

The point here is not to say “great idea” or “bad idea,” but to affirm the initiative to try an idea. These days, small rural communities like ours can’t afford not to try new things in this ongoing battle to survive in today’s world. Some ideas will be winners and some won’t. But the only idea that is sure to fail is the one that’s never ventured.

This weekend it was Holly Days, Schaeffler Open House and Sunday with Santa. A week or so ago it was the Girlfriend Getaway.

What will be next?


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