Marion foreign students share foods with parents, teachers

Do you want ketchup with that pelmeni? How about peaches in your tuna salad?

You can’t order any of it at McDonald’s, but the lineup at Marion High School cafeteria after parent-teacher conferences Oct. 26 was sampler heaven.

The six foreign exchange students at MHS each provided tasty favorites from their homelands.

Sasha Mikiheyeva, from Russia, supplied ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, sour cream and vinegar as optional condiments for her pelmini, a small mincemeat-filled boiled pastry similar to Chinese potstickers.

Anda Malescu of Romania baked apple-lemon pie, a tangy-sweet layered pastry.

Both girls are living with Gary and Karen Chaput.

From Belgium, Melanie Daniels served the surprising tuna-peaches dish. She said it is a summer favorite, and those who tried it agreed it was light and refreshing.

Daniels brought a toaster to the cafeteria for the treat that is exclusive to her Liege region of the country. She slowly cooked eggs and flour to create a spread for the toast, which was then topped with sugar.

Daniels said her father prefers salt to sugar on his egg-toast, but either way, Liege community celebrations always feature this treat.

Barb and Perry Steiner are hosts for Daniels.

Jerry Kwok of Hong Kong had basketball practice after school, so he brought his broccoli-steak and fried rice early, which led to nibbling by the Europeans and Americans as they prepared their food.

Kwok’s host family, Brad and Patty Putter, took him to the Asian market in Wichita to find some of his ingredients.

Kansans are well-acquainted with Chinese food and agreed that as the only male cook that evening, Kwok well represented both his country and his fellow males.

Asked whether there is a Chinese equivalent of “Jerry” that he uses in Hong Kong, Kwok said no.

“My dad just picked the name Jerry Kwok when I was born.”

More familiar to local taste buds was the German wiener schnitzel, potato salad and kasekuchen (cheesecake) prepared by Anika Wegner of Germany.

Wegner said that one ingredient she couldn’t find locally was kvark (or quark), a soft cheese. She asked foreign-language teacher JoAnn Good, who advised neufchatel cheese as a reasonable substitute.

Wegner pronounced the result delicious enough to reserve for herself and her host family at home-Ken, Teri and Chelsea Arnhold are her host family-but generosity won out.

Sabine Teichert, also of Germany, made bohn-reis-pfanne (bean-rice dish) and apricot pie to round out the popular German table.

Teichert’s host family are Steve, Danette and Tedra Eis.

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