EDITORIALS: Change is possible

The next time you’re tempted to think some dismal situations are beyond the possibility of change, think of Tabor College football. The program’s long tradition of futility was properly buried last Saturday as the undefeated-yes, undefeated-Bluejays won their first conference title in school history with a guts-to-glory 43-42 win over Bethel College in double overtime.

Coach Mike Gardner, his players and coaching staff deserve every affirmation for what they’ve accomplished so far this season. Some fans feared Tabor’s metamorphosis into a conference contender would end when miracle worker Tim McCarty and a large class of seniors moved on to new challenges. But what the Gardner Gang lacked in experience, it made up for in unity and determination. The Bluejays are truly a great team.

Let’s take note. When people determine change is possible, when they find and free up visionary leaders who are fully committed to success, and when those leaders can inspire the best effort from those they lead, the world as we know it can change. Lead on, Bluejays. -DR

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