To me, this word best describes best the information available to American voters in this year’s presidential election. It is impossible to know what or whom to believe these days.

Maybe it’s just me.

I have watched the debates, if you can call them that. The candidates for both president and vice president make statements and answer questions only to be refuted categorically by the opponent. All we hear are the same soundbites over and over. Substance on the issues is rarely passed on, at least that I can tell.

What stood out for me in Friday’s debate in St. Louis was John Kerry’s statement that the deficit was now up to $1.3 trillion under the Bush administration. This statement is wrong, but Bush didn’t pick up on it. The national debt is about $1.3 trillion, the current deficit is in the $480 billion range.

I’m still confused about how many new jobs there are. There is way more to the story than we’ve heard.

It is also interesting that the League of Women Voters bowed out of sponsoring the debates when the two major parties told them how the debates were to be run.

The prescribed format does not include viewpoints from third-party candidates who are legitimately on the ballots.

I believe candidates from the two major parties should have to deal with challenges to the status quo in Washington. Allowing other candiates to speak would surely help.

I’ll have to say it was fun, then it wasn’t, then it was, to be in Lawrence’s Memorial Stadium Saturday night for the football game between Kansas and Kansas State. Going in, I thought it might be a better game than in past years, but I really didn’t think my Jayhawks could pull it off.

I read in the Lawrence newspaper that K-State’s Coach Snyder couldn’t find Coach Mangino after the game. The Wichita paper said Mangino couldn’t find Snyder.

It’s less likely that Snyder couldn’t find Mangino.

Wouldn’t it be grand if both Tabor and Bethel were undefeated when they meet on Oct. 30?

It pays to advertise. I wrote recently that I couldn’t remember who told me of a remarkable thing a young person from the area was up to.

Then I got an e-mail from someone asking me if the story idea they gave me a while back was the one I couldn’t remember. It sure was, and thanks.

When I read in Editor & Publisher magazine that Life Magazine was coming back and was to be inserted in major newspapers across the land, I couldn’t wait to see it. It was one of my favorite magazines when I was a kid.

The one I received this weekend must be on the Atkins Diet. It was quite skinny.

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