EDITORIALS: A harvest to celebrate

It’s encouraging to hear reports of how well fall crops are busheling-in this part of Marion County, at least. Early milo, soybeans, corn-all seem to be yielding well despite a stretch of dry weather in the past month or so. Granted, prices aren’t what producers would like, so there is a cloud to this silver lining. But all in all, most producers seem pleased with the harvest.

Fall harvest never gets the fanfare that wheat harvest enjoys in summer. That’s due in large part to the fact that winter wheat ripens at about the same time in a given area, and so everyone jumps into the harvest race at about the same time.

Fall crops, meanwhile, vary in their readiness for harvest according to the kind of grain it is, the time it was planted and the genetics of the seed. If bad weather intervenes, some fields aren’t cut until the cold winter months.

Not this year, it appears. We’ve been blessed with an above-average yield and, it appears, a below-average duration. We’ll have plenty of reasons to give thanks come Nov. 25…. And before that day, too, of course. -DR

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