Clear-well repairs surface to top of Florence City Council agenda

The Florence City Council returned its attention to the city’s clear-well repair project at its Sept. 20 meeting.

After the latest update on the progress of the project, the council’s letter to the contractor was again amended. It will now stipulate that all earthmoving required to allow a 12-inch overlap of the rubber sheeting to be applied to the top of the cement cap would be done by the contractor. The sheeting is being applied to cover filled cracks in the clear well cover.

Other problems with the system include a non-functional alternator meant to switch between the two filters, which should be covered by warranty, and ongoing leaks.

The leaks have been attributed to the high-pressure backwash from filter cleaning. New systems built since the experimental Florence system were low-pressure backwash and were reportedly more successful.

The council agreed to contact system designer Stuart Porter for a special meeting over these issues.

In other business, the council:

— received three bids for construction of a metal roof for the springhouse, but tabled the matter until insurance status of the contractors could be determined and gauge of metal to be used could be standardized.

— approved paying $230.16 for the flagpoles placed downtown prior to Labor Day. Sue Klassen of the PRIDE committee said her organization would pay the $461 for the new American flags and will also decorate downtown for fall.

— heard that Leonard Ellis volunteered to cut down several trees around the sewer pond and market the walnut lumber. Profits will be used to pay for brush clearing to improve airflow to the sewer pond which is currently stagnating from lack of air circulation.

— tabled the issue of street signs to indicate exits from U.S. Highways 77 and 50.

— appointed Larry Blosser and Pat Lemon to the Housing Board.

— heard that Tim Parmley had been reappointed fire chief after Larry Creamer’s resignation.

— heard that the fire department was unsuccessful in forming a fire district in order to receive tax dollars from areas the department is currently protecting.

— heard that the fire department will receive six new handheld communications radios.

— approved the fire department’s expenditure of $150 for five gallons of roof coating.

— accepted the resignation of Scott Zogelman from the Ambulance Committee and thanked him for his years of service on various committees.

— heard that over the past two weeks, 24 traffic tickets had been issued and five cases were investigated, including a vehicle burglary causing a loss of more than $4,000.

— approved purchase of a replacement computer for the police department at a price of $450.

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