EDITORIALS: Another chance to help

We shall not be spared opportunities to help others in need anytime soon. From local fund-raiser for next-door neighbors fighting serious illnesses to world neighbors battling starvation and oppression in Sudan, the call for assistance has stirred generous hearts to give until it hurts so that others’ pain might be lessened.

The call for assistance continues. The southeastern United States has been battered by three severe hurricanes in the past month or so, leaving devastation in their wake and the American Red Cross pitifully low on resources to help victims.

Even before Ivan hit the Gulf Coast, the Red Cross response to hurricanes Charley and Frances included opening 253 emergency shelters for nearly 102,000 people, serving more than 3 million hot meals and snacks, and distributing nearly 25,600 comfort kits and 10,600 clean-up kits. More than 7,116 volunteers from across the nation assisted in the effort.

The numbers aren’t in yet on Ivan, but even before it hit, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund was critically low. We can help by digging deep once again and sending a donation to the American Red Cross. The address of our Sunflower Chapter for McPherson-Harvey-Marion counties is 1023 S. Main in McPherson. -DR

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