I read recently that living is expensive, but we get a free trip around the sun each year.

The best things about fall are crunchy apples with caramel, and reverting to regular time and getting an extra hour of sleep.

Hurricane Frances was a long way from here, but still had a big effect on our family. We got a call this past Tuesday from Amy in Atlanta telling us about the heavy rains and wind that found their house.

At 3 a.m., the family heard a large crack outside and went to look. A huge limb from a gigantic tree that stands on the border of their property had come crashing down from about 40 feet up, flattening both of their cars and blocking the street to boot.

She called the authorities to let them know the street was blocked. Soon the fire department was there with chain saws, clearing the street but leaving the cars still covered by what they didn’t cut away.

In the morning when the boys went out to look before going to school (Uncle Joe came to take them), Louie crouched way down demonstrating that they would have to drive in this position.

No insurance adjusters were in the area to look at the damage-they were all in Florida. As of Friday, the kids were driving rental cars and using cell phones because phone service to the house had not been restored.

A TV cameraman showed up to film the crews clearing the street and so the Cameli house made it on CNN.

Here is another car tip for the week. I have heard that it is hard on wheel bearings to hit the curb with the front wheel of a car because of the tremendous pressure exerted on the little thing. And if you think that’s whacky, then it surely is not good for the alignment.

I wonder what the record for number of jobs people have for at the Hillsboro Arts and Crafts Fair coming this Saturday.

It appears to me that either people make sure they get out of town, or have a half-dozen things to do help, with a shift here and there all day.

Two smashed cars was nothing. A guy in Atlanta had three cars flattened and two of them were replacements for ones that had been flattened in a previous storm. I wouldn’t want to follow him around much.

I think the Trojan football team will be better and smarter for what happened to them out at Reimer Field Friday night.

One, fluke plays will happen and you can’t let them get you down. Two, good things result when you don’t give up. Scoring at the end of the game had to be a big morale boost for the week ahead.

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