I read where the average commute to work is 38 minutes in New York City and 16 minutes in Wichita. My commute is about 38 seconds if I walk and about a minute if I drive.

If someone asked, would you know what is located at the corner of Elm and Western Heights Circle in Hillsboro?

People have asked me why I haven’t weighed in on the candidates for president and taken a stand. Well, here goes.

I believe the two major parties have both taken this country down a road that is unacceptable. They don’t fix anything. They cause more problems than they solve. Big money runs this country.

The campaigns are out of control. All we see is garbage on television. No wonder people are apathetic about voting.

Both campaigns so far are about fear. The Republicans want us to fear terrorism. The Democrats want us to fear George Bush.

I listened to Ralph Nader on C-Span late one night and found him to be a breath of fresh air. Frankly, I am sick of the status quo in Washington. Nader won’t win the election, but he will get my vote this November.

Here’s my driving tip for the day. When entering an intersection or major highway, look both ways two times, not just one. It is quite possible to miss something the first look. And at the speeds the traffic is moving, you’re at tremendous risk when you think about it.

More interesting stuff from the items brought in for the book of historical photos we’re producing:

I found these cheers in the 1925 HHS Yearbook, HI Memoirs 1925.

* * *

Jump on the grand stand

Thump on the tin can

Who can? We can.

Nobody else can.

* * *

Hop the plane

Leap the gap

Here comes HILLSBORO

Get off the map.

In 1925 Hillsboro High School beat both Bethel (14-0) and Newton (14-6) in football.

Here is a fashion tip for the day. After Labor Day, put away your straw and white clothing. Don’t ask me what that means. I just heard someone say it.

A fly joke from the 1925 Tabor College yearbook, “The Taborite.”

Student: See, here’s a fly in my ice cream.

Waiter: Serves him right. Let him freeze.

Elm and Western Heights Circle is the corner where you would find Vogt’s HomeTown Market and Sonic Drive Inn.

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