Couple donates toward HCMC project

Albert and Vada Reimer of Hillsboro presented Mike Ryan, chief executive officer of Hillsboro Community Medical Center, with a donation last week of $50,000 toward the hospital’s renovation project.

The Reimers said they wanted to contribute to the project because of the hospital’s importance to the community and to challenge fellow residents to lend their support, too. Albert Reimer said having a hospital in town was a key reason he and his wife moved to the community. Over the years, he said, they have benefited from its service on several occasions, including life-threatening ones.

“We feel it’s important that our community have a good hospital,” Albert Reimer said. “In special cases, they may need to refer you elsewhere for specialized assistance, which is understandable. But we have experienced great care here over the years.”

The effort to raise funds for the renovation project is being assisted by the state through the awarding of tax credits for donations by individuals and businesses. For example, contributors who give $1,000 to the hospital can reduce their personal or corporate tax bill to the state by $700. They can also claim a charitable deduction on their federal tax return. As a result, a gift of $1,000 would have an actual “cost” to the donor of only $50.

Ryan said HCMC is nearing its allowance of $250,000 in tax credits, which would mean the hospital will benefit from $357,000 in donations. He said all gifts are welcomed. The money will be used to build a new front entrance for the hospital and to make the entire facility fully accessible to people with disabilities.

“I think it’s very important,” Ryan said about the project. “A new entrance would present a much more positive impression for the public and better reflect the professional quality of care the hospital provides inside.”

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