We attended the wedding of Angela Kroeker and Andrew Jost this past Saturday afternoon. I was ready for the question that ushers sometimes ask about whether you are friends of the bride or groom. I was going to say, “yes,” but didn’t get the chance because they didn’t ask. Angela is our office manager and Andrew covered Marion High School basketball for us last winter.

It is energizing to see such genuine, gifted and responsible young people get married. We are glad they have chosen to stay in Hillsboro to live and work. We are more glad that Angela works with us at the Free Press and Andrew is available for pinch hitting when we get in a jam.

Speaking of jam, Angela’s grandmothers made the jelly and zwiebach for the reception. It was obvious they knew how to do it just right.

I don’t have much time to watch television so recently I thought it would be a good idea to switch our satellite service. We had DirecTV but now have DishNetwork because it was offering all local channels via satellite and a digital recorder basically for free.

This isn’t an ad for DishNetwork as much as a commentary on how watching television has changed. Who would have thought you can pause the live TV program and then catch up with it through the technology of a hard drive that records the live show and then spits it back to you when you can get back to watching?

It is also much simpler to use than a VCR. I never did get the hang of the three or so different models we had since the early ’80s.

Our new setup also allows watching satellite television on two different sets and the option to record two different programs at the same time.

It even lets you pass through the advertisements with a push of a button. If I was an advertiser, I’d be concerned that people could do this to my ad. A newspaper ad isn’t that way. It stays on the page no matter what you do with the paper.

The new setup now makes it possible for me to get in on Oprah and Dr. Phil every day if I want to. Someone else in the house records these daily and, after watching a few of these shows, I think I understand the attraction.

The Judds were on one day and Wynona did a song that I now can’t get out of my head. I’ll probably have to buy the song from iTunes or on CD.

The excitement is building for our Hillsboro pictorial history book. We are in process of pouring over the more than 300 photos that were brought in for consideration and choosing those that will be included in the book.

I find the photos taken from rooftops to be very interesting. We have so much to learn about our past and this project is a good start.

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