I can’t remember the last time we had this much rain at one time, unless it was in the summer of 1964, when I worked at the Herald Book and Printing company in Newton.

It rained so much that the 13-mile road had water over it a couple of miles south of town. One time on my way back from Newton, I came upon this wide body of water across the road at that spot.

Not wanting to backtrack I got out of my car, took off my shoes and walked the road to make sure it was still there.

Upon determining it was OK, I got back in my vehicle and proceeded to drive through it. Cars were backed up on the north side of the impasse with an older gentleman standing in the roadway.

The water was pretty deep because my muffler was under water as I drove through. It sounded really cool, almost like an inboard motor boat.

Anyway, I almost ran over the guy standing there because my brakes were all wet and wouldn’t grab ahold.

When I finally did get stopped, the old boy said, “How’s your pulse?” And I said, “Elevated.”


We live in a great country, but there are things that have me baffled when it comes to our lawmakers.

Selling cigarettes is legal in the U.S. but the cigarette manufacturers by law have to spend some of their revenue to run advertising that discourages people from using their products because it is addictive.

I heard a Phillip Morris commercial on the radio the other day telling of the dangers of smoking.

Don’t read this newspaper. It could become addictive. There is one difference though. Reading isn’t detrimental to your health.


It’s no wonder that many Americans have lost interest in national politics. I’ll admit that I’m plenty cynical about it, and have been for some time.

I don’t really see much difference in the methods of either of the mainstream parties. They both are beholden to special interest groups, just different ones.

As long as the U.S. Congress has automatic pay raises, special benefits and retirement programs that no one else in the country is eligible for, I really don’t find the profession to be very honorable.

Years ago I thought about running for office with the campaign slogan: “I’ll be honest for a year.”


Visitor: Does the wind blow this way all the time?

Kansan: No, sometimes it blows the other way.

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