EDITORIALS: Shopping at the polls

The Aug. 3 primary election will be for Marion County voters much like the prospect of a day of shopping seems to most men: If few “purchases” are to be decided, why bother?

This year’s ballot is amazingly short on contested races. Republican voters have a choice to make only for the U.S. Senate, the Kansas Senate (if you happen to live in District 17) and the Marion County Board of Commissioners (if you happen to live in District 2). Registered Democrats have no contested races to look forward to.

The temptation for many voters will be to stay home-and many likely will yield to that temptation. But perhaps we should see this primary election as a committed husband sees the prospect of a day-long shopping trip with his wife: It may not be exciting, but go anyway because it’s a good and loving thing to do for her sake.

To love Lady Democracy means we go the extra mile sometimes. -DR

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