On the days when there’s a lot of work to do, I wish I had a clone of myself. But if I had one, the clone and I would probably not agree on how things should be done, which would be counter-productive. And who would have the upper hand?

Hillsboro Hardware had a cool fan on a stand on sale this past week so I rushed in to get one. For the inexpensive price it did not come assembled.

I pride myself in not reading the directions before I put things together.

This little project took only 10 minutes to assemble and another 10 to take it back apart and redo what wasn’t quite right. I even had a screw left over, but it was really small so didn’t think it was needed. Upon reading the directions-it wasn’t.

It’s a really nice fan, though. I think fans are about the only product that keeps getting less expensive. I remember buying a box fan in 1969 that cost twice as much as the fan I just purchased. And it didn’t oscillate either.

From the men’s and women’s brains don’t work alike department….

This past week wife Nancy told me to run the dishwasher, so I did. Then she asked me later why I didn’t put the dishes that were on the counter in the dishwasher before I ran it.

She just told me to run the dishwasher and I was following orders.

A friend of mine said he wished he had a clone so there would be someone he could talk to who was on his level.

That could be taken a lot of different ways, but I didn’t ask what he meant.

I came across a neat little idea for a Christmas gift or for just about any occasion. It was called a Mennonite money clip.

They are easy to make because I have already made one. You just pull the pop top off of a soda can and crimp it around two pennies.

Makes a nice little package.

Cruising Main Street isn’t commonly practiced by today’s youth as far as I can tell. Maybe it’s the price of gas or maybe there are more fun things to do than that.

I have noticed that instead of cruising, the kids park their vehicles, pull out a lawn chair and watch the rest of the cars go by.

It’s hard to believe the Marion County Fair is almost here again. The changes that have been made are intended to make the fair more family friendly, which is good thinking.

I’m especially keyed up for it because my grandsons are coming back again this year. They really like the rodeo.

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