EDITORIAL: Enjoy freedom responsibly

On Thursday, Hillsboro citizens can exercise the freedom to use fireworks within the city limits for the second year. An 18-year ban on selling and using fireworks within the city limits was lifted in time for last year’s Fourth of July.

City officials felt last year’s intial fireworks run went well; the majority of users exercised their new freedom responsibly. We hope the same will hold true again this year. The city’s ordinance allows for the use of fireworks from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., July 1 through July 4. Because the Fourth falls on a Sunday this year, the Hillsboro City Council extended the period through July 5.

Remember, freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. That’s not only true for the use of fireworks, but also for the exercise of the rights we celebrate with the July 4 holiday itself. -DR

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