Lincolnville Council approves pay raise for city employees

Lincolnville City Council convened for a regular meeting on June 7 and a special meeting on June 11.

At the regular meeting, city employee Joe Vinduska asked council to consider a pay raise for himself and other city employees.

Vinduska said two years ago, he was hired as a city employee at the rate of $8.50 an hour. In addition to a raise for himself, he asked consideration for a raise for the city clerk, treasurer, council members and other city employees.

After discussion, Mayor Victor Burns said a raise would involve two city employees, the city clerk and the city treasurer. Council recessed for a five-minute executive session to discuss personnel.

Following the executive session, a motion was passed to include a 3-percent raise for the city clerk, treasurer and the city employees. Employee Steve Podszus will receive a 3-percent raise contingent on getting a driver’s license.

Council also discussed the progress on the new community building and grants.

Donnie Marrs, with D.M.A. Architecture of Salina, explained the cost estimate he prepared for the city. Once the cost estimate is approved by the State of Kansas, he will enter into an agreement with the city.

Marrs presented the steps that must be taken throughout the course of the project.

One step is to decide if the design is what the city wants, and councilor David Schneider said the Core Committee and council agreed on the design in question.

A second step is to complete an environmental survey and remove asbestos from the ceiling texture and tile floor. City Clerk Jane Pigorsch said bids for removal have been received, and the city would choose an abatement contractor by June 11.

Marrs said he would be able to put the bid for removal into the cost estimate for the project-allowing the State of Kansas to pay for the abatement.

A total package will be completed by Marrs. Council discussed whether adding the abatement cost to the total package would change the terms of the grant, established-whereby the State of Kansas pays 60 percent of the materials, and the city contributes 40 percent of the labor.

Marrs said defining the total amount of the grant is the purpose of the cost estimate, it’s important to make sure there is enough in the bid for the materials, and labor hours must be monitored closely.

Submitting the plan with the cost estimate for abatement was recommended by Marrs. Marrs also indicated that the city was operating in a timely fashion to complete the project.

Following the special meeting, Pigorsch was directed to contact the grant administrator and Marrs.

Council was advised that the Kansas Rural Water Association will help the city with the project, and Marrs will be available by phone, fax or e-mail.

The final 10 percent of the architectural firm’s fees will be paid upon completion of the project. The city will have two years to complete the community building, and an extension will be allowed.

Marrs said it would take him about 30 to 45 days to complete his portion of the project.

Pigorsch said she was advised that the old community building could possibly be demolished by June 25.

A motion was passed unanimously to have available $3,483 to complete the funding for the new building if needed.

In other council business:

– Pigorsch said the treasurer’s report could be sent out with the meeting agenda.

Beginning with the July meeting, Burns said he would like the treasurer’s report moved down on the agenda to a position before old business-so council could look over the report prior to the beginning of the meeting. Council agreed to his request.

– Council was reminded that in July, the budget meeting for the 2005 calendar year will be held at the courthouse, and attendance by councilors was requested.

v The status of signature cards on city bank accounts was discussed. According to the city accountant, those authorized to sign checks or transfer money are the city attorney, the mayor, the presiding officer, the clerk and the treasurer. Pigorsch will obtain the signature cards and have them signed by those authorized.

– Vandalism at the city-park restrooms was reported to the sheriff’s office, and establishing a curfew at the park was discussed briefly by council. The city clerk was asked to check with the city of Ramona to research its park signage.

Council agreed the park restrooms would be left unlocked, and a curfew discussion was tabled until the July meeting.

– It was reported that $70 was received from the tre trucking company responsible for damages to the sign at Wichita and Main streets.

– Officials at Tampa State Bank have indicated the bank is willing to give the property at 512 Wichita St. to the city for its use or to be donated to a non-profit agency. Council voted unanimously to accept the property.

– Two bids have been received for the tree removal at 216 W. Main St. Council voted to accept the lowest bid of $725 from Proffitt Tree Service of Hillsboro.

– Vinduska told council a problem with the tank of the city mower could be repaired on a cost-share basis with Chizek Farm Supply for about $50. Vinduska said he has also called implement dealers to get price estimates and trade-in information on tractors.

Councilor Sherry Pankratz said the city sewer problems should be addressed first and moved to table the purchase of a tractor until the July meeting. The motion carried three to one.

– One bid had been received for the sewer project on U.S. Highway 77. That bid was for $29,500 from Middle Creek Mining of Peabody.

Pankratz told council that the State of Kansas would be willing to pay a maximum amount of $4,000 toward the project.

The city treasurer told council the remaining funds were not available, and the city would probably have to consider short-term notes.

– Council moved to donate $500 to the city Octoberfest activities and funds to be paid at the July meeting.

The special meeting June 11 was called to approve an abatement company for removal of asbestos in the old community building, approve the park survey and approve a sewer-bid for a problem area under U.S. 77.

The city received five bids for asbestos removal. Dave Schneider of the Core Committee told council the committee recommended Minority Contractors Inc. of Wichita with a bid of $6,100.

Council moved to accept the bid, and Pigorsch agreed to contact the contractors about council’s decision.

Council received paperwork regarding a survey completed by Brosmer Surveying of Florence. Council moved to accept the survey as presented.

The only bid for work on the sewer project under U.S. 77 was for $29,500 from Middle Creek Mining of Peabody as reported at the regular city-council meeting.

Schneider reported that Joe Palic, of the Marion County Division of the State of Kansas Highway Department, contacted him and indicated that the State of Kansas would pay $12,500 toward completion of the project, leaving the city with a balance of $17,150.

Schneider also indicated there was an amount in the bid for the removal of the problem trees in the area.

A discussion followed concerning financing the city’s portion of the project. Councilor Don Buethe said he felt the city could pay about $5,000 to $7,000 and then finance the remainder.

Council voted to accept the bid from Middle Creek Mining and start the necessary paperwork.

Pigorsch said she would contact Kurt Spachek of Pilsen State Bank to attend the July meeting to explain the short-term note procedure with $10,000 to be carried on short-term notes.

A final discussion included the possibility of purchasing about 600 feet of construction fence and 50 posts for the building site at the new community building.

Pigorsch said she would get estimates on fencing and posts to present at the next city-council meeting.

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