Goessel council reviews ordinances about fireworks permits

The Goessel City Council reviewed city ordinances about fireworks permits at its June 17 meeting.

Goessel residents are the only ones who can obtain a permit, but they do not have to pay a fee for it. A permit is required to discharge fireworks in the city.

Because nonresidents are not allowed to obtain a permit, they are not allowed to discharge fireworks in the city.

Permit forms can be picked up at the city office and at Citizens State Bank through June 25. They should be returned to the city office by July 1. They can be dropped off in the utility drop box at the city building.

City-wide garage sale

City Clerk Anita Goertzen said the city-wide garage sale will be Saturday, July 10. Citywide cleanup day will be Saturday, July 17. Trash pickup will be curb-side.

Items for pickup need to be at the street by 8 a.m. Yellow bags for leaves and branches can be purchased at the city office. Appliances will be accepted for pickup.

Disposal of car tires will cost $2 each, and truck tires will cost $5 each. The charge will be added to the resident’s utility bill.

A hazardous waste disposal site will be set up in the city building parking lot. No trash will be accepted at that site.

Sewer and manhole report

Public Works Director Arlen Goertzen showed a video of the inside of a sewer pipe that had been recorded May 26.

When Councilor Racquel Thiesen asked, “What kind of device was shooting this video?” Goertzen said it was a camera on trackers.

Goertzen showed a manhole that has been rehabilitated; it had been sprayed with a product called Strong Seal. He also showed manholes that need to be rehabilitated.

“There are four manholes that I would suggest rehabbing,” he said.

Goertzen pointed out manhole decay, tree roots in the manholes, and streams of groundwater leakage.

Leakage overloads the system, Goertzen said. “It starts to back up. More expense is involved to pump it out.”

Goertzen said it would cost about $5,600 to rehabilitate manholes. This would include about $90 per vertical foot and about $1,400 to repaint.

Mayor Peggy Jay said, “I don’t think we have much choice.”

The council voted to make the repairs.

Councilor Jim Wiens asked how the repair cost would compare to replacing a manhole. Goertzen said replacing would be more expensive because it would involve excavation costs and disruption of service. He said the manholes that have already been repaired do not show any signs of leakage.

Thiesen asked if the company that does the video taping and cleaning can also do the repair work. Goertzen said, “They can do the repair; they can rehab the manholes. They have the equipment to do all that.”

Police report

Police Chief Joe Base reported that in the past two months the police department drove 592 miles, issued two notices to appear and two warnings for speed. One notice to appear was issued for driving with a suspended driver’s license. Two notices to appear were issued for no proof of insurance. Police issued one notice to appear and one warning for exhibition of speed. One warning was issued for driving with an expired tag and multiple warnings for equipment violations.

Police assisted with one emergency transport to Prairie View and responded to two fires and one EMS call. Police served four warrants, made two arrests, and confiscated illegal fireworks. Two warnings were issued for improper parking.

The police department investigated one burglary/theft, one disorderly conduct, one obstruction of legal process, and one case of discharge of illegal fireworks.

Base said he had received a radio from the county. “(But) they don’t have towers up yet. That’s supposed to be coming,” he said.

Other business

In other business:

— Councilor Larry Schmidt asked about mosquitoes. Goertzen said he had put “doughnuts” in standing water. He plans to spray, but there has been too much wind and rain.

— Goertzen said the Osage Street extension is done. “I haven’t heard any complaints,” he said. He has heard from farmers who expressed appreciation for it.

“The co-op seems satisfied,” he said.

Farmers from the west have been using Osage Street on their way to the elevator and the highway after their trucks are empty.

Schmidt cautioned that truck drivers need to slow down as a safety precaution when crossing the street.

— Goertzen said he had put recycled asphalt on Centennial Street to help keep the dust down.

— Goertzen said a tree branch fell on the Main Street bridge rail and bent it. He plans to fix the rail.

— Anita Goertzen said a representative from Pitney-Bowes had brought a postage meter for the city to use for three months free of charge.

Goertzen said the meter is handy. But after the three months are up, it would cost $49 per month.

“I’m sure I’ll be sending it back,” she said.

— Goertzen said the Kansas Department of Health and Environment called to say it would be sending the city a loan agreement for the sewer project.

— Goertzen said the city of Hillsboro had offered to sell 18 Christmas wreaths to the city of Goessel. But the council decided Goessel does not need different Christmas decorations at this time. Council members said they appreciated the offer.

— Goertzen reported the different conference room table had been purchased from the city of Walton.

— The council accepted the audit and budget contracts not to exceed $5,300 for audit fees and $700 for the budget contract.

— The council discussed past-due water bills.

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