EDITORIALS: Rain, rain…

It’s difficult for farm-oriented folks to wish it would stop raining, but that’s where a lot of us find ourselves these days. With the trend toward hot and dry summers in recent years, the past two weeks of almost daily thunderstorms and rain showers would be welcomed joyfully at almost any other time of the year-but why wheat harvest?

Conspiracy theorists are looking suspiciously at the Hillsboro city government as the culprit. As soon as the city tears up a major street for renovation, the rains come a-tumblin’ down. OK, it’s only happened twice now, but it doesn’t take much for conspiracy theorists to be inspired. Just in case they’re right, a suggestion for our city leaders: let’s tear up our next street in mid-July.

So far, farmers and area grain-elevator operators appear to be restless about the rain, but not panicky. We can expect that to change if the current weather pattern continues much longer. The quality of this year’s wheat crop may already be affected.

Lest we forget, the livelihood of almost everyone in Marion County is affected one way or another by the agricultural economy. We enjoy some diversification through industry, bet even most of those enterprises cater to agricultural producers-if not locally, then certainly regionally. When our friends on the farm and ranch can’t buy, the effect ripples through the local retail and service economies, too.

So here’s hoping for a break in the weather. Bring on the sun and the wind. But since we’re asking, maybe only for a week or two? -DR

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