If the Preakness is run in Maryland, and the Belmont Stakes in New York, then where is the Kentucky Derby run?

The stuff you can do with the Internet is beginning to overwhelm me. Just when I get comfortable with what we are presently doing another bell and whistle comes along.

Now we have instant messaging. Many of you probably already use it and are laughing at me because I have discovered it only now. It sure is handy to carry on a conservation with another person at a remote location without the interruption of taking a phone call.

We have a really smart guy helping us with these things because I could never figure them out by myself. I would tell you who it is, but we want him all to ourselves.

While web cams are used for seedy purposes many times, I wouldn’t mind having one for here and one in Atlanta and Seattle so we could have video telephone conversations with our family members. OK, so we could see the grandkids live and up close over the Internet.

With the high volume of e-mail and even U.S. Postal Service mail these days, it isn’t a slam dunk that what should get here really gets here. I am sure there are e-mails that we accidentally delete that we shouldn’t have deleted. If you absolutely need to know that something got through, a phone call might still be the best way to make sure.

I got to thinking, though, maybe it is time to bring back the carrier pigeon. Maybe they are still in use somewhere. I’m sure they wouldn’t care if they worked on a holiday or after one.

Our smart guy has also set it up so that when I am in Hesston I can see our Hillsboro server and the server over there side by side. Then we can copy files back and forth just like it was on a local computer. We have the same setup here. What would the pony express guys think if they could see this in action?

Curious about carrier pigeons, I went to Google and made a query. They are still in use worldwide and in many ways. They are used to carry illicit drugs in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to carry blood samples in remote areas of Great Britain and France and to spot shipwrecks in the United States from helicopters because they have 360-degree vision.

They are still raced in many parts of the world as well.

My brother once had a teacher who told him that if he couldn’t spell a word to look it up in the dictionary. Brother’s response was that if he couldn’t spell it, how was he supposed to find it in the dictionary? That makes sense-and doesn’t make sense.

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