It was really nice Sunday to have a day without the fierce winds we’ve had lately.

It was so windy that I heard of one woman’s French wire earrings blowing out of her ears.


I still haven’t gotten used to those little stickers they put on apples. Out of all of the millions of apples eaten each day, I wonder how many of those little stickers go down the hatch.


Looks like the downtown businesses have a little weeding to do before the big 120th birthday celebration this weekend. Weeds love all of those seams in the bricks and couldn’t wait to poke their heads out.

Maybe we should have laid a ribbon of green bricks and then the weeds would be a lot harder to see. Using weed killer spray would be another option.


This summer Nancy and I will have lived in the heart of downtown for three years. I can honestly say it is the best move I’ve ever made. Everything is so handy.

Since we spend most of our time within a few blocks in the city’s center, we thought it was time to take a drive around town the other night.

It seemed to me that all of the trees had gotten a lot bigger.


The country is in a panic about the price of gasoline. It puzzles me that people are wondering why it is happening and demanding that it be fixed.

First, the speed limits were increased all over the country and are increasing still. Then there are many more vehicles on the road these days, plus the trend has been toward bigger and heavier vehicles for the past 10 years. Couple that with no refineries being built and many others closing and you get a supply that has been exceeded by the demand.

I’m sure that folks will now look for smaller cars for a while that make better gas mileage. Two-dollar gas is not really out of line, though, compared with other purchases from 35 to 40 years ago.

I remember filling up at Wiens & Jost Station for 19 cents to 22 cents per gallon in the mid-’60s to drive back to school at KU. My tuition then was about $200 and I just read that tuition might be around $2,000 next year. Take everything times 10 now and it all compares similarly to what it was back then.


Expensive gas is a problem, though. It will cause prices to go up because nearly 90 percent of everything shipped goes by truck. Airline tickets will and are already going up because of the rising cost of jet fuel.

One answer to this problem might be to stay close to home enjoy all that is available right here. We really have a lot of good stuff in the area if you are willing to look for it.

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