Our church is doing one of those pictorial books, which we do once in a while. For those who wear eyeglasses, the instructions were to just wear the frames without the lenses when the photos are taken.

My glasses don’t have frames so I was thinking I could just Scotch tape the nose piece and the straight pieces that go over my ears right to my head.

Bad weather can be a good thing. Nancy was in New York City this past week on a buying trip with a friend from Anthony who also owns a women’s clothing store. Severe thunder storms grounded them long enough at LaGuardia to miss their Atlanta connection flight back to Wichita.

The bad part was they got home a day later than they had planned. The good part was they were stranded in Atlanta where the Camelis live.

The grandsons woke up the next morning and were surprised to see grandma at their house. Made me wish I had gone along.

Attention Hillsboro High School alumni. If you didn’t get an invitation to the All School Reunion and banquet on May 29 one of three things had to have happened.

(1) We didn’t have a list turned in by your class and therefore we didn’t have your name and address.

(2) The address we got was incorrect.

(3) The piece we mailed did not get delivered for some reason.

So, no one was intentionally left out.

You still have time to let the alumni reunion committee know you plan to attend the banquet on Saturday night, May 29 at the high school gymnasium. They are asking that you send your reservations as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the week. Phone the Hillsboro Chamber office 620-947-3506 or e-mail for details or for more information.

Wichita River Festival buttons sold for $33. Hillsboro 120th Birthday Celebration & Family Folk Festival buttons are selling for $5.

You won’t find a better entertainment bargain for years right here in Hillsboro.

How did I come up with a $33 Wichita River Festival button? Well, it was $3 for the button itself, but the trip really adds $30 to the cost of it if you used your car to get there. That would be computed by using what the IRS allows for mileage expense which is about 30¢ a mile. It really does cost $30 to go about 100 miles because your vehicle and tires wear out as the miles increase.

Add the cost of gas at about $2 a gallon and the out-of-pocket impact that you would feel immediately would be $10- at 20 miles per gallon-to travel 100 miles.

Close to home is good.

Did you know that an inch of rain that falls on one acre of ground weighs about 100 tons?

If living a long life, enjoying good health and getting along with one’s neighbors weren’t so important, smoking would be really a pleasant diversion.

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