Canton City Council take legal action on three properties

The Canton City Council voted at its May 5 meeting to take legal action concerning three properties deemed to be in violation of the city’s nuisance ordinances.

The three properties were identified as 121 Grove, 100 S. Main and 101 N. 5th.

Carla Shearer and Chuck Fairchild, representatives of Home Telephone Co., of Galva, informed council members of the company’s intention to lay fiber optic cable along Section Line Road and north on 27th Avenue to Roxbury, allowing for the installation of cable television and high-speed Internet service in Canton.

Shearer and Fairchild said they expect to complete their project and go on-line by July 1, 2005.

Melissa Ducimetiere, director of the Emergency Medical Services, read a proclamation designating May as EMS Month. She outlined various projects planned for the month.

Mike West, representing the South Central Kansas Economic Development District, reviewed procedures for the city’s wastewater grant application.

Since the results of the LMI Survey indicate that the city qualifies for such a grant, he outlined the process for evaluating and selecting a CDBG grant administrator.

Diann Hrabe read a copy of correspondence from Douglas Jones to David Shriver regarding the Kevin Blackwell Trucking, Inc. access to land issue.

She also read a copy of a letter from Ty Kaufman to David Shriver informing Shriver that Kaufman found that there was no criminal intent when the tree in front of 100 S. Main was cut down.

Mayor Bacon informed council members he had authorized the purchase of two small pieces of property from the Change Fund-as recommended by the county administrator-for $1 each.

The property was sold at the McPherson County sheriff’s sale April 23. Since one of the properties is currently being maintained by the city, Mayor Van Bacon said the purchase of the properties would ensure perpetual maintenance.

The council approved the following appointments recommended by Bacon for 2004: Diann Hrabe, clerk; Troy Freeman, maintenance supervisor and building inspector; Rik Clark, police chief and public officer; Trevor Mosher, police officer; Mary Jane Lauer, treasurer; Hadley Sizemore, municipal judge; David Shriver, city attorney.

In other action, the council:

n voted to re-elect Pat Johnson as president of the council.

n voted to approve and sign the solid waste collection and disposal agreement between the city of Canton and the McPherson Area Solid Waste Authority.

n voted to adopt Resolution 2004-02 terminating the cable television franchise.

n voted to approve and sign the agreement between the city of Canton and McPherson County for road construction on the two outside, 16-foot-wide parking lanes for 0.7 miles through Main Street (27th Avenue). Ken Thomas seconded the motion.

n voted to enter into a 30-minute executive session with Freeman for the purpose of discussing non-elected personnel. In public session, the council voted to offer the position of assistant maintenance supervisor to Weston Mizell.

n by consensus, agreed to begin the dump site summer hours of 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. every day.

n heard from Daryl Stute that the water tower maintenance company will clean the towers Thursday and Friday, possibly causing temporary water discoloration.

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