Three Tabor academic divisions announce awards

Students in three academic divisions at Tabor College were recognized for their accomplishments at the spring honors convocation held Monday, May 3.

Each division presents awards to a select number of students for special recognition. Students are awarded on the basis of leadership, academic excellence and success in their specific division.

Following is a list of students who received awards.

Education, Social Science and Applied Arts Awards. Sean Bechtold, Hillsboro; Brent Brockmueller, Freeman, S.D.; Richard Chandler, Houston, Texas; Mark George, Tulsa, Okla.; Jenny Goertzen, Hesston; Jonathan Hullman, St. John; Nancy Isaac, Meade; Aliss Jirak, Marion; Stacey Kern, Hillsboro; Angela Kroeker, Hillsboro; Brian Kroeker, Bingham Lake, Minn.; Megan Ozias, Downs; Craig Penner, Wichita; Rachelle Regier, Madrid, Neb.; Casey Stucky, Galva; Jessica Tatro, Buhler; Jess Tracy, Hillsboro; Shelby Wehrman, Hillsboro; Rachelle Wertenberger, Hillsboro; and Stephanie Wichert, Inman.

Angela Jost, Tualatin, Ore., and Kayla Schrum, Phillipsburg, also received the Robert Watson Memorial Scholarship.

Humanities Awards. Laura Campbell, Wichita; Eric Clark, Peabody; Edward Hett II, Wichita; Melissa Hochstetler, Shickley, Neb.; Timothy Huber, South Hutchinson; Matthew Insley, Hays; D. Isaac Landis, Telford, Pa.; Lisa Loewen, Carpenter, S.D.; Jason Phelps, Elk City, Okla.; Heather Rector, Harrisonville, Mo.; Matthew C. Regier, Aurora, Neb.; Kristina Roble, Hillsboro; Tanya Schroeder, Newton; Kathleen Stagg, Katy, Texas; Michael Woods, Wichita; and Talashia Keim Yoder, Hillsboro.

The Tabor Bible Award was given to Laura Campbell, Wichita, and the Jake and Selma Friesen Music Scholarship was awarded to Kyla Gaeddert, Cordell, Okla.

Natural and Mathematical Sciences Awards. Matthew Bauer, Kelowna, B.C.; Gatz Graf, Marlow, Okla.; and Brandon Hendrix, Towanda, Kan.

Kendra Raber, Pampa, Texas, received the award for Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student. Winners of the William J. Johnson Scholarships were Christopher Chlumsky, Wichita; Michael Friesen, Wichita; Kendra Raber; and Erin Voth, Fortuna, Mo..

Julie Hett and Julia Wall, both of Hillsboro, received the Solomon L. Loewen Scholarship.

David Penner, Hillsboro, received the David B. Wiens Mathematical Scholarship.

Other honors. Hiebert Merit Awards: Laura Campbell and Michael Woods, both of Wichita; NAIA All-American Scholar-Athletes: Nils Borquist, West Monroe, La.; Laura Campbell, Wichita; Scott Friesen, Wichita; Carmen Hein, Hillsboro; Matthew Insley, Hays; Angela Jost, Tualatin, Ore.; Angela Kroeker, Hillsboro; Jeremy Loewen, Hillsboro; Amber McKillip, Wauneta, Neb.; Peter Miller, Hutchinson; Craig Penner, Wichita; Jason Phelps, Elk City, Okla.; Rachelle Regier, Madrid, Neb.; Kenton Schroeder, Moundridge; Kathleen Stagg, Katy, Texas; and Rachelle Wertenberger, Hillsboro.

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