Stucky adds to Peabody’s downtown plant appeal

When you pass by the beautiful flower beds at the Peabody City Park, in front of the Peabody Market or at the corner of Walnut and Second streets, you rarely catch a glimpse of the man who makes it all happen.

But Dave Stucky is always there behind the scenes-planning, planting and tending-to brighten your day with a colorful floral show.

Stucky has been tending the flowerbeds for several years, and he is modest about his contribution to the community.

“I’ve just been doing what I thought I could,” he said. “It comes out pretty nice sometimes.”

Spring is planting time. Stucky uses a variety of bulbs, annuals and perennials paid for by the City of Peabody.

“I planted some seed there, too. I needed some rain, and I’m getting it today,” said Stucky as a gentle soaking rain fell last Friday.

With the right mix of plants, Stucky achieves his goal of blooming flowers throughout the growing season.

“I’m trying to get more perennials going, so I wouldn’t have to plant every year-you know, I’m getting older every year, and I’m just slowing down a little,” he said with a laugh.

During the summer, Stucky tends the gardens and makes sure they have enough water during the hot, dry months.

“The Peabody Market grants me the privilege to use water from them,” he said. “I have to carry it in buckets and that’s a little difficult.”

In the fall, he cleans out the beds.

“I try to keep it looking pretty presentable,” he said.

Stucky’s wife Esther normally helps him with the gardens.

“This year she had a knee replaced, so she couldn’t help this spring at all,” he said. “She enjoys it too.”

The Stuckys had a large garden until they moved to a house with a smaller yard, so tending the community gardens gives them an opportunity to work the soil and share their love of flowers.

“That’s the object,” he said, “to try and get a little beauty around.”

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