Florence leaders revisit plans for fixing city’s clear-well deck

The construction of the new clear well again dominated most of the Florence City Council discussion, this time at the April 19 meeting.

Stuart Porter, of Schwab-Eaton, Pa., attended the meeting to answer questions about the construction of the clear-well deck. The final cement pour done at the end of last August had small cracks within two months and currently has deep cracks through it.

The council was prompted to seek reparation from the contractor. Porter agreed that serviceability could become an issue due to spalling of the concrete cover. He suggested applying flexible sealant to the top to prevent moisture from entering.

When council members suggested demolition and reconstruction, Porter insisted that could cause structural damage to the body of the well.

It was decided that Porter would report back to the council on whether a 20-year maintenance plan can be worked out with the contractor. If so, cracks in the well cover will be routed out and filled, and the top will be covered with flexible sealant.

Also attending the meeting was Jeff Vulgamore, a Lynk Systems account executive. He presented part of the fee schedule of Lynk’s system of on-line credit card processing, including a $500 investment, a $9.95 monthly fee, usage fees, minimum usage requirements and a three-year contract with a $195 early cancellation fee.

Paul Morrison, American Data Solutions regional manager, who had presented information on a free ATM at an earlier meeting, provided a comparison between the products. The council took no action on the matter at this time.

In other business, the council:

n agreed to discuss new ordinances ranging from how the Library Board fits into local government bodies and the range of starting salaries for city employees to affordable housing.

n broke for a 30-minute executive session leading to the announcement that the city building will be closing at noon starting April 26 until further notice to allow City Clerk Darla Gore time to complete extra paperwork. A special open meeting will be held June 22 regarding the suspension of Police Officer Merlin Stout.

n decided that trash and construction debris illegally dumped at the city burn pit will be investigated. Councilor Randy Mills said if the community doesn’t work together to prevent further illegal dumping, the state could shut down the operation.

n heard from the planning commission that it will be photographing homes around town to make a decision on their habitability. Currently, to prompt an investigation on a non-hazardous property, at least five residents must file complaints.

n heard that trim is being applied to the new bathroom at Grandview Park as construction nears completion.

n expressed appreciation to Sue Klassen, chair of the local PRIDE committee, for her work in meeting organization.

n agreed to research a foundation for collecting future donations made toward city improvement.

n heard that Gore will attend a Region Six meeting in Wamego May 5 and a city budget workshop April 27.

n elected Councilor Tim Parmley fire chief to replace Travis Parmley. To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, Assistant Fire Chief Larry Creamer will present information and requests to the council.

n approved Creamer’s request for two new tires for one of the department’s vehicles at a total cost of $250.

n announced the city will be responsible for maintenance and light repair at the ball field before an upcoming tournament. The tennis court will also be repaired to prevent injury from the worn out wire net.

n heard that water service will be restored to the cemetery as soon as a leak is repaired.

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