I have a 10-gallon aquarium in my room. At one point, it was actually very attractive. It was stocked with many different varieties of fish, all the plastic plants were solidly rooted into the clean, blue gravel and two lights from the top of the aquarium shown deeply into the clear water. Bubbles rose from behind a bright orange stone, and a little “No fishing” sign gave the tank a little humor.

Now, many of the fish have gone to that great 50-gallon aquarium in the sky, half the plants have been uprooted-one of which is floating on the surface of the water-the gravel has acquired a greenish shade, and both bulbs have evidently burned out.

The little tube that the bubbles come out of has also erupted from behind the stone-now there’s just this whitish line with bubbles coming out of it suspended in the middle of the tank-and the “No fishing” sign has fallen face-first into the gravel (although I still haven’t had any problem with fishermen). It’s easy to let something like an aquarium go to seed-or algae-rather quickly.

As of last night, the lights weren’t working, the filter was so clogged that it wasn’t working, and the tip at the end of the tube that makes bubbles was blocked, causing a shortage of bubbles… and the risk of the plastic tube exploding.

So, with a little help, I got the filter unclogged. Once that was finally working again, I decided to try to tackle the bubble tube. I messed around the with tip of it, and suddenly I had air blowing in my face -which, by the way, means it will produce bubbles in abundance once again.

To do this, I had to lift the top of the aquarium. When I was done, I accidentally dropped the lid down kind of hard, jarring one of the lights to come back on!

If things continue in this pattern, fish are going to start reappearing in the aquarium.

* * *

Last week my class took a field trip to Salina to look at a couple different schools. One of them was K-State/Salina. It was a pretty nice facility, I have to admit, but being a KU guy myself, there was one thing I had to do. Upon entering the main building, there is a floor mat with a purple powercat on it. I made sure to stomp my feet off pretty well-just to make sure I didn’t track mud all over. I mean it!

* * *

UFO: What a way to go! For her 40th birthday, Sophia Loren’s husband gave her a 14-karat gold toilet seat.

Don’t ask why.

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