We may have a few problems in our small city, but none like a recent bus strike in Minneapolis, Minn., that kept the working poor from getting to their jobs and senior citizens from getting to the grocery store for about seven weeks.

Health insurance was behind the strike. New bus drivers hired were not going to have health insurance at retirement like the existing workers. So the bus drivers’ union went on strike, causing missed paychecks for seven weeks until the whole deal was settled.

Since the city underwrites the bus transit system, it saved $7 million during the strike. In the end the bus drivers came back for the same pay as the original offer, got an $1,100 signing bonus, but they still didn’t have health insurance after retirement.

The city had money left over after the settlement to spend on a marketing plan to bring riders back, pay the signing bonuses and put money into a fund to allow for increases in fuel prices.

The real losers were the people who rely on the system to live and get by.

I think I have too much electronic equipment. I was out making ad calls the other day and found myself in a store with several women who are disposed to give me a hard time even without a reason.

Anyway, a phone started ringing and they were looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from. I was just standing there waiting for them to answer the dumb thing.

It turned out it was my cell phone. Since I don’t normally carry it with me, I had no idea it could be mine.

Knowing the people who witnessed this fine moment, I’ll be hearing about it for quite a while.


If you are looking to get some exercise, see some fine artwork and do a little shopping, then I have just the thing for you.

The Hillsboro Middle School fifth-grade class made posters for Arbor Day and their art is posted for all to see in stores throughout town.

When you are finished looking at the posters, you might think about planting a tree for generations to come. While you’re at it, plant one for me since I don’t have anywhere to put one.

We are beginning to receive some really great photos for the pictorial book we will be printing later this year to commemorate Hillsboro’s 120th birthday. Some of the school photos will also be used for the HHS all-school reunion slide show planned by the technology students at HHS.

A few folks are concerned about leaving old photos in our possession. If that is the case, we will scan them upon appointment and give them back.

This project will be a tremendous digital photo archive for Hillsboro’s history.

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