I just saved the Hillsboro High School Alumni Association 34.3¢ this past weekend by hand delivering the Hillsboro 120th Celebration and Family/Folk Festival tabloid to my sister in Minneapolis, Minn.

Sorry, I won’t be able to do this for everyone.

If you are a Hillsboro High School alum and didn’t get the above mentioned invitation to the reunion on Memorial Day Weekend, please accept this substitute invitation. No one has been omitted on purpose. A second mailing has gone out with more names coming in as you read this. It’s been four years since a mailing went out to alums and the trail has gone cold on many addresses.

If you didn’t get the mailing, please call the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce office at 620-947-3506 or e-mail hillsborochamber@ for information.


This time Nancy accompanied me on a whirlwind trip to Iowa for the Midwest Free Community Papers convention in Des Moines on Friday and Saturday and then on to visit my sister Elaine in Minnesota. She wanted to go because we were going to see Elaine, but also I needed her to carry my bags since I am still limited to less than 15 pounds on anything I carry. I felt a little goofy carrying my keys while she was lugging all of the heavy stuff.


It was fun calling grandson Louis on Sunday and wishing him a happy fourth birthday. It would have been much better if we had been there to deliver the message in person…but that’s life.

Among other things, we sent him a horn for his new bike and learned that within an hour of opening his gift box the horn was already missing. He was also looking for shoes that matched to go to the pizza place for his party. Seems as if there were two shoes but each was from a different pair.

They just moved to a different house in Atlanta so they have an excuse for having trouble finding things.


While passing through northern Iowa, I was intrigued to see miles and miles of wind turbines in two different locales. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where they were placed in relation to each other. They were really getting a workout with 50 mph winds.


Have you ever thought about how many large corporations are known just by two letters? There are GM, GE, HP, IH, BP and QT to name a few. Actually, those are the only ones I could think of. That is pretty good marketing to be able to establish worldwide recognition that simply.

Most of the national restaurant chains are also known for their simplicity in the names they choose. Almost all have one-word names for easy recognition.

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