EDITORIAL: Temporary inconvenience

The city’s announcement Monday that it plans to close Memorial Park for up to six weeks to get a new stand of grass started reminds us of a lesson we should have learned last summer: It pays to tolerate a measure of inconvenience in the short run if we can expect to experience something beyond the ordinary down the road.

Last summer was a test of endurance and tolerance as crews tore up downtown Main Street and eventually replaced it. We may have grumbled in our weaker moments during those long hot months, but I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t think now that the hassle was worth it.

So now it’s team to dream about what that new plush-green park will look like in a few weeks. Soon, we’ll lose access to the north end of Main Street as Phase II of renovation kicks in. Another inconvenience.

But, boy, won’t the outcome be great? -DR

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