Commission rescinds zoning action on setbacks

The Marion City Commission Monday rescinded an amendment it made to zoning regulations last week regarding setbacks because, David Mayfield, city administrator, said a public meeting was required first.

Mayfield said later this week, he is scheduled to meet with state officials regarding flood plain ordinances, the city dikes and emergency preparedness procedures.

He also expects a meeting at Marion Reservoir to discuss potential future algae outbreaks that affect city water supplies.

Mayfield said the city will have auditors in Wednesday and Thursday.

Harvey Sanders, public works director, said the city crew has been putting rock on parking areas at the ball fields and red rock on the fields themselves, repairing bleachers, repairing street signs, replacing meters at the sewage lagoons and completing hauling away trees deposited on the dike by the creek during high water.

Janet Marler, librarian, said 200 persons came through to view the quilt display at the library last week.

Mayor Eloise Mueller said she wanted to commend the cemetery board after visiting with them because of their dedication and good work.

Then Mueller and Commissioner Jim Crofoot approved paying warrants for $66,833.04 and payroll for $23,064.72 with Commissioner Larry McLain absent.

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