EDITORIAL: Reason for hope

We are in the middle of our annual attempt to highlight non-sport competitive activities in our area high schools through a series of installments we call “Arts & Activities.” This week we shine the light on Canton-Galva and Goessel high schools (Page 12). Students in Hillsboro and Marion were featured in previous issues and, in two weeks, we plan to wrap up with Peabody-Burns and Centre.

This endeavor challenges the endurance of our editorial staff-each school has three to five activities that we try to cover. The task is intimidating at the start, but by the time we’re through we feel good about the endeavor-not so much because our articles are so scintillating, but because we meet some pretty fantastic young people along the way. They not only have natural talent in their chosen field, they also have dedicated themselves to developing their talents to the fullest. They work hard, they reach for excellence.

Some people may have doubts about the younger generation, but we take great hope in the potential for greatness we see in the students of our county. Parents, teachers and communities, you should be proud of what you have produced. -DR

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