There’s the story about the little dog that had an operation. Following the procedure, the little dog could talk.

That fact was so amazing that the dog was invited to appear on several television talk shows. Eventually, though, he didn’t get asked to be on talk shows anymore. All he could do was talk about his operation.

I thought I would talk a little about the operation I had this past week-in case anyone is wondering why I’m walking so slow lately, and to praise our local hospital for the great service it provides this community.

Last Tuesday morning, I went to Hillsboro Community Medical Center for a hernia-repair procedure. I didn’t ask if I could play the piano after it was over, but I think I did ask if I could play the violin. I don’t think they responded to my silly question.

The main point of this report is to thank my doctor and the entire surgical staff at HCMC for their professional care during the eight hours I was there. They made sure that I was well-informed about everything they were going to do and that everything was OK after I recovered from the anesthesia.

For my money, you won’t find nicer people to put your trust in for health care. I especially want to thank the nurses. The one assigned to me was as nice and helpful as you will find anywhere.

Reading about BTK serial killer in the Eagle last week sent chills down my spine. Whoever this person is was just starting to terrorize Wichita when I was working at the Wichita Sun in the early ’70s. He even spoke with the Sun’s attorney on the phone at one point, which led police to provide protection for the attorney.

It has to be unnerving to Wichita citizens now to have this killer resurface 25 years later. The crime-solving methods now available, including DNA identification, may make it possible to take this evil person off the streets.

Our alarm clock is set to a Wichita radio station, and I couldn’t believe that they were making light of the BTK situation by asking callers to say which actor they thought would best play the part of the serial killer if the story were to be made into a movie. But then, it seems our society these days is all about going over the line of decency and civility.

You have to love a nice spring rain like the one we had early Saturday and then again during the day. With the warmer temperatures, nature just pops everything out in full view again.

It is so refreshing…makes you want to do cartwheels.

Can you hurt your eyes watching someone weld on television?

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