Here’s a great Web site for kids I came across recently. It is: and has lots of wholesome things for kids to see and do.

— In our March 10 Advocate feature on Hillsboro’s oldest continuing business, The Lumberyard, Jon Hefley mentioned you can see that some of the houses around town that were shown in the early newsletter of The Builder. I used to own one of them located at 408 East Grand. It looks just like one of the plans pictured.

— When I was much younger and working at the KU printing service in Lawrence, one of the older guys in the shop would always say, “I feel worse all over than I do any place else.” Some mornings I can relate to that.

Some good may have already come from the church fire. I have heard many people say they wish the MAYB basketball tournaments would not play on Sunday morning.

In Hillsboro, organizers had to change plans for Sunday morning basketball because the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren services are now held in the gym.

Our two state senators and state representative were at the city building Saturday morning for the annual Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce legislative coffee.

Judging by the number of people turning out for the event, it appears to me no one is very interested in what is going on in Topeka. Or at least not interested in meeting our elected officials face-to-face. With e-mail, it is now easier to communicate. Maybe that’s how it is done.

It’s usually the same group of people who are there. I counted 15 people in attendance and half were the guests of honor, the Chamber people who would automatically be there because it was their event, and the press.

I asked our representatives to name or rank the top three lobbying groups that like to lean on them. They mentioned the liquor lobby at the top and then gaming, transportation and Kansas National Education Association.

The No. 1 subject people e-mail them about is the marriage amendment, which would define who can be married in this state.

There are too many pertinent issues to list, but the top one appears to be funding education. Whatever they do about it this year is really only a stop-gap measure because the Kansas Supreme Court will not be ruling on Judge Terry L. Bullock’s order to spend an additional $1.3 billion until this summer, when the legislative body will no longer be in session. They will pick it up again next year.

Everyone seems to want something. If you wonder how it all works, for my money, just follow the money.

Bob Woelk made his point about cats in Free Falling last week. It’s something I hadn’t spent much time thinking about. Then I jumped in my truck one morning last week and there on the windshield were lots of muddy cat footprints. Arrgg.

Could it be feline revenge for publishing Bob’s column?

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