Marion swimming pool leaking, officials report

The Marion swimming pool, built in 1957, has rusted leak holes “the size of my little finger” to that of a half-dollar, Public Works Director Harvey Sanders told the Marion City Commission Monday.

“That’s bad news,” he said.

Especially considering “a lot of man hours (are needed to get) the pool ready for the kids,” Mayor Eloise Mueller added.

Commissioner Jim Crofoot said that not many pools old enough to be of the metal type construction “are still around.”

Sanders noted that Hillsboro also is having pool problems, but with a concrete structure.

Sanders said the city crew also has been involved in clearing tree logs washed up by Mud Creek on the city levees and installing new lights, except for taxi-way lights, at Marion Airport.

City Administrator David Mayfield said he has completed and submitted a fire department grant application to the state that could amount to $24,000 with $2,240 local matching funds.

The grant, which will be announced by Dec. 31, with notification to the city in October or November, would provide the fire department with new bunker gear, wildland gear for actions such as grass fires, and items such as air packs, air bottles and monitors.

The commissioners approved the transfer of $40,000 from the electric fund to the equipment reserve fund for purchase of a new utility bucket truck, which Mayfield noted was planned under capital outlay.

The commissioners approved the investment and collateral reports and financial statement.

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