EDITORIAL: Let’s squawk about it

The way the 2004 presidential campaign has started doesn’t bode well for the path it will take in the months ahead. With Democrat John Kerry wrapping up his party’s nomination so early in the year, we now face the prospect of a long and bitter cockfight for the White House. Kerry set the tone, but a ruffled President Bush has already indicated he is more than willing to set aside the dignity of his office for a chance to scratch back.

We’re a little more than seven months away from election day. The country is facing serious issues, including a war in Iraq that is losing popular support, budget deficits that could reach record levels and an economy that shows signs of recovery but is far from healthy.

We want to hear thoughtful, clearly articulated solutions from both candidates so we can decide in whom we’ll place our trust for the next four years.

So far, the squawking has all but eclipsed the talking. -DR

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