I’m sure most readers have noticed our newsprint is curling on Page 1 of the Free Press, and that it is a pain in the, well, it is really annoying. Believe me we have noticed it and have tried to make it go away, but so far we haven’t been able to fix it.

Our printer tells us the same problem is happening all over the country so it is not weather conditions. They said it has affected the Wichita Eagle, too.

Supposedly the newsprint manufacturers are to blame and hopefully the next shipment received will not have this problem. We will all be glad when it goes away. In the meantime, please bear with us.

This may or may not have happened to you, but this past week I accidentally got a haircut. I was walking home after an early-morning breakfast meeting at Olde Towne when I saw my barber Randy sweeping his sidewalk.

I said something like “I need to see you one of these days” and the next thing I knew I was in the chair.

This isn’t “I told you so,” but in January I mentioned in this column that Trojan basketball fans shouldn’t be planning anything that would conflict with the state tournament dates of March 10-13 in Hutchinson. Our boys’ basketball team had another great run to be one of the best in Class 3A. And they were.

To their credit they followed a tough loss to Minneapolis in the semifinals by coming back with a win the third-place game-and something to build on for next year.

Don’t be surprised if both our boys’ and girls’ teams are in Hutch next year playing for all of the marbles.

The committee planning the Hillsboro High School All-Class Reunion is asking for photos from previous graduates depicting fun times, etc., from their high school days. The photos will be used in a PowerPoint presentation to be shown at the street dance and the all-school banquet to be held Memorial Day weekend.

The Technology Class at HHS will be putting this presentation together as a hands-on learning experience. You may submit photos to the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce at 109 S. Main in Hillsboro (67063) or e-mail a digital version to

Cell phones and the Internet have changed the way we do almost everything. Going off to college or the service and leaving your girlfriend behind is nothing like it used to be.

Back then, you might call home once a week and then only for a short call because of the expense. “It was long distance.”

Now with thousands of cell minutes, it is no big thing to be in constant communication, and the length of the call means nothing. Call as often, or talk as long, as you wish. It is all the same price. Or e-mail or live chat on the Internet. Still no barrier to the frequency or length of time. Once the basic service is paid for the sky’s the limit.

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