It’s officially March. I’ve been waiting for this month for quite some time now.

Mid-terms were last week, which doesn’t seem right, but apparently it is. Actually, March is a good month for me. I’m guessing that by the time most people get this paper I’ll either be in the air or in Las Vegas for a national college newspaper conference.

It’s definitely not going to be an FFA trip to Louisville, but it’s Vegas, so I think that should do good enough for me.

The timing of the Vegas trip couldn’t have been better either. After we get back on Sunday, we have exactly one week of school and then one week of spring break. After spring break we have slightly better than a month of classes and then my first full year of college will be in the books, no pun intended.

In early February, I celebrated my 19th birthday. A lot of people were making the big 19 out to be a big deal, but I never really got very worked up about it. I guess I can’t see what the big deal is. The best thing about it that I can figure out is that I’m one year closer to being 20. But I’m sure my parents have different a view about that.

One’s 19th birthday is definitely overrated. I’ve been driving legally for three years, I’ve been a legal adult-wow, that’s scary-for one year, so that’s nothing new.

Around here people keep telling me I’m just two years away from being a legal drinker, since I drink so much to begin with (or not), that’s not a big thing to me. I think I might finally be starting to realize why people say that after 21 you should just stop counting birthdays, because after that they’re pretty much pointless.

Nearly a week after my birthday I was fortunate enough to get to watch the Schlagle High School Marching Band from Kansas City perform halftime shows at the Pratt vs. Seward County basketball games.

A player from the men’s team played in the band for three years in high school, kept in touch with the director, and was able to get the band to come all the way out to Pratt to put on a show. It was a heck of a show at that.

I don’t know how many people are familiar with this band, but they put on a show similar to the shows in the movie “Drumline.” We only got to see half of the band, but you wouldn’t have noticed. The band had nearly 50 people and had memorized all of the music- enough to perform two different 10-minute halftime shows.

I was as impressed as anybody in the gym that night. The day is a long ways away, but it would be awesome to see a band like that in Hillsboro.

I’ve been told that it’s sub-state week. I might be a wee bit biased, and I hope I don’t jinx them, but I’ve got to like Hillsboro’s chances. I’m undoubtedly upsetting Marion fans, players and coaches, so get your pens out and write a letter to the editor if you so desire. You’re just as entitled to free speech as I am!

The final game, provided things come out the way I predict they will, should be a fun one. If I wasn’t going to be in Vegas, I would definitely be there. It’s looking to be another Hillsboro vs. Hesston matchup for a trip to state-but this time at Brown Gymnasium, fresh off of it’s feature appearance on KAKE’s “Hidden Gym” segment.

It was nice to see a modern gym like Hillsboro’s being compared to older, more unique gyms like Pratt High and Scott City. Just goes to show how fortunate we are.

I’d like to wish Coach Knoll, Coach Carlson and all the Trojans the best of luck. Hillsboro is known for strong post-season performances, so go get another banner for Brown Gymnasium.

So, cheer on your team in the post-season, whether it’s HHS, Tabor, Marion, Centre, Peabody-Burns, Goessel or Canton-Galva.

Best of luck to all. Have a great March.

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