My music setup at home might be needing a facelift. The tuner we have for running sound to our speakers was new in 1974. Now you have to wiggle the switch back and forth to make both the left and right channels work.

The worst part about the old equipment is that it has no remote control to operate it. Someone actually has to get up out of the chair to change the volume, etc.

I thought it would be neat to have a multiple disk changer for CDs too, but then I realized I am never home long enough to play more than one CD at a time, so our single CD slot is plenty for me.

— Certain factions are talking alot about how adding gambling opportunities in Kansas would be a good thing for our state. It looks to me that it would just take money that people already have and move it in another direction.

It would just give those who are inclined to make a quick buck less money to spend on things they currently are buying, which would in effect harm other businesses. Not to mention the potential social problems that result from wagering money that really needs to be spent on necessities like food, clothing and shelter.

— finally took down our Christmas icicle lights this past week when there was a nice break in the weather. It has always been a problem to get the lights put up each year because they were always tangled up and nearly impossible to get straightened out.

Heloise would be proud of me this year. I found that a great way to store them is to layer them in a box with a newspaper separating each strand of lights. Can’t wait to get them out again next year knowing know that it will be so easy.

Ponder this if you will: Is it a bigger change in temperature when it drops one degree from 100 to 99 or when it drops one degree from 33 to 32?

The first scenario is only a 1 percent drop and the latter is almost a 3 percent drop.

It seems the Collegiate/Hillsboro boys’ basketball boxscore or write-up does not appear in the Eagle when the Spartans lose. Their boys’ team is the least competitive I have seen in a decade or more.

Here is a little behind-the-scenes information of how this column disappeared only to come back to life through digital technology.

I was almost finished writing it when the computer suddenly froze and I hadn’t saved what I had done. Not that what I had written was so significant, but I really didn’t have time to write it over again.

Then a light went on. I took a digital photo of the computer screen, which still showed what I had written. I then restarted my computer and simply retyped from the photograph what I had already written. Presto!

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