Goessel City Council appoints Base as new police chief

The Goessel City Council appointed Joe Base as the city’s chief of police at its Feb. 19 meeting.

Mayor Peggy Jay recommended that Office Base be appointed police chief now that he has completed the appropriate training.

Base also works as a police officer for the city of Walton.

Base’s police report for the month stated the department had issued four warnings for speed, one notice to appear in court for driving without a driver’s license, and one notice to appear for driving without insurance.

Also issued were seven notices to appear and three warnings for improper parking.

The report also indicated that one dog that had been running loose had been caught. The department also investigated a criminal damage to property case and responded to one 911 call that was a false alarm.

Councilor Jim Wiens said volunteers will be needed for the Goessel booth at the Kansas Sampler Festival, which will be held in Newton in May. He also said Fern Bartel will paint a threshing scene mural on a 71/2-foot screen for the festival. The painting might include a barn and house.

Wiens and Public Works Director Arlen Goertzen reported they had changed a valve on a water meter at a vacant house. Goertzen said the water to that house had been turned off in 1996. But the meter showed that 89,000 gallons of water had gone through the house recently. Goertzen said someone had tampered with the water meter.

Jay pointed out that only city personnel are authorized to turn meters on and off. Expenses for the incident amounted to $157 for the water, $200 for labor, $20 for the valve and $20 for the meter.

In other business:

— The council approved City Clerk Anita Goertzen’s request to attend the City Clerk and Municipal Finance Officers Association conference March 10-12 in Wichita.

— Goertzen reported that two overdue water bills had been sent to the state “set-off” program, whereby the amount owed to the city would be subtracted from any state refund for which the residents might be eligible. The money would then be passed on to the city.

— Goertzen said one water bill had been sent to the landlord for payment.

— The council discussed possibilities for a band for the Threshing Days Main Street Event, but no decisions were made.

— Councilor Larry Schmidt asked about scheduling the city-wide cleanup day. Jay said the city-wide garage sale day will be the second Saturday of July, and Goertzen said the cleanup day will be the following Saturday.

— Goertzen said she had contacted the Kansas Department of Health and Environment about the proposed lagoon. She said the city needs to have the land surveyed and then purchase it. But the city does not yet know how much land will be needed or how much the it will cost.

— Arlen Goertzen said he is waiting for an updated price quote from the Kansas Rural Water Association for a map of Goessel’s infrastructure. The price in 2002 had been quoted as $2,500, but the city did not order a map at that time.

“I’ve seen the maps they generate,” Goertzen said. “They’re very good.”

He said the KRWA uses a global-positioning system to pinpoint sewer manholes, water meter lids, and other structures. The information is put into a book and is also installed in a computer program.

— Anita Goertzen reported that the trash rate went up by 25 cents, according to the contract with Stutzman Refuse Service.

— Wiens reported the garbage disposal in the community building kitchen needs to be replaced.

“It no longer functions,” he said and reported that he had checked at Kropf Lumber and saw a corrosion-proof disposal with a five-year warranty. The council voted to purchase a garbage disposal.

— The council also discussed the noisy furnace in the community building. Wiens said the duct work rattles, and Goertzen said there is no sound proofing. The council authorized them to look into changes that would quiet the furnace.

— The council discussed the Osage Street extension project. Goertzen said he had talked with the telephone company and told them to move their cable. They have to wait until the ground is dry enough. When Jay asked if KGE has moved the light, and Goertzen said no.

— Jay reminded the council of plans to meet with the board of Bethesda Home at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 18. The meeting will begin with supper at Bethesda Home. Then the city council meeting will follow at 8 p.m. at the city building.

— The council discussed storage space in the community building. Several solutions were suggested.

— Two Sedgwick High School students attended the meeting as part of their government class.

— The council discussed the Sunflower apartments and expressed appreciation for Donna Duerksen’s years as administrator. Her resignation will take effect in April.

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