I was sitting at the Hillsboro/ Nickerson basketball game Tuesday night looking at my program and wondering why the boys and girls from the same town are listed on the same page.

Why not have the rosters from both boys’ teams on one page and the girls’ teams on the other? Then, fans wouldn’t wear out their wrists flipping back and forth during the game.

Trash bags are getting harder to deal with. It seems as though they keep making them thinner and thinner. Thus, trying to open them is a great struggle. First, you have to find the right end and then somehow get the two sides to part ways.

— If someone is born in Canada and grows up in Kansas, is that person automatically good at driving in snow?

— Nancy called the Free Press last Friday to tell us that one of her customers had been in the Indianapolis airport earlier that day and had picked up a copy of USA Today. In the Opinionline feature on the editorial pages was an excerpt from Don’s editorial in last week’s Free Press about the Janet Jackson fiasco. The short clip was published among viewpoints seven other newspapers from around the country indicating how they were weighing in on the controversy.

How did an editorial from the Free Press get in USA Today, you ask? We presume it’s because our newspaper Web site is fully searchable nationwide because of our affiliation with PowerOne Media, which is the company that created the template and engine that drives thousands of newspaper Web sites across the country.

On a similar note, Ted Giannoulas, better known as the San Diego Chicken, called our sports reporter Tom Stoppel about the feature Tom wrote about Tim Jones, the Tabor student who entertains the crowds as the Bluejay mascot at basketball games.

Apparently, Giannoulas regularly searches the Internet for information about chicken mascots. He pulled up Tom’s story and liked what he read about Tim. Giannoulas then called our office and asked how he could contact Jones. Giannoulas uses substitutes year round and wanted to talk to Tim about the possibility of being one of those subs.

As far as I know, the Chicken is still pursuing the idea with Jones.

I was thinking about my high school class’s 40th reunion the other night and came up with a couple of slogans we might use.

“Out, but not yet out of it.”

Or, “Not even half as old as the town.”

If your roots are in Hillsboro and you’re living somewhere else, you need to be setting aside the Memorial Day weekend for a trip back home.

We will be celebrating Hillsboro’s 120th birthday with a big four-day weekend. Almost everyone will find something to suit their taste and interest. Stay tuned.

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