EDITORIAL: On to bigger and better

Sometimes we dare to cling to the possibility that gifted people will resist our culture’s siren song to move on to “bigger and better” vistas, to challenge the notion that bigger is indeed better, to see almost illogical value in maintaining excellence in an environment the world would deem too small to merit such a commitment.

We know of a few such people in our area who embody that spirit, and we are grateful for them. But we know it’s not a common occurrence. So perhaps Tim McCarty will understand if some of us grieve his resignation as head football coach at Tabor College to accept the same position at East Central Oklahoma State University in Ada, Okla., an NCAA Division II school.

Yes, East Central is considerably bigger than Tabor, no doubt with deeper financial resources and better compensation. In that sense, it is a fine reward for McCarty, who, in five years, turned a football program that was a perennial loser on the field into one that challenged for the conference title and qualified for the national playoffs.

But more than his won-loss record, McCarty made his team a winner off the field as well by investing in quality people, not just quality athletes. If nothing else, he proved it can be done. Until he came, some of us were wondering.

Even if we had the power to do so, we would never dissuade anyone from following his or her aspirations. We wish McCarty the best as he follows his. We’re happy for him, but please understand if it takes a while for our disappointment to fade. -DR

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