I was thinking how neat it would be to have a clairvoyant postal system. Then we wouldn’t need to address anything because they would already know where our mail was supposed to go. I’d even pay a little extra if I could send mail without addresses.

Some things you see or experience for the first time and you can’t believe how terrific they are. For me it was seeing how the Ziplock storage container lids seal when pushing down in the middle with your thumb. It’s almost like magic.

–The new KU basketball coach must be big into storage facilities. Everywhere you go you see signs for Self Storage.

–I would think this February is a rare month considering that there are five Sundays in it. Of course, leap year is part of why it occurs, but how often could it happen?

Another unusual thing I heard from my mom was that three of her grandparents died on the same calendar date: Jan. 31. The odds of that happening would have to be quite slim.

Kids keep inventing new ways to have fun. The other night I saw a couple of boys on their dirt bikes at the city’s south pond. They were riding down the embankment to the pond and then sliding onto the frozen surface. And all that fun didn’t cost them a dime.

When I was a kid, we used to go ice skating on those ponds. My brother even fell though one time, which was a very cold and frightening experience. I believe he went to Jost Service and called my parents to come and get him in his frozen pants.

I know we were always warned about thin ice and to be careful. Same goes for now.

I got curious about there being five Sundays in February and how often it occurs, so I went to Google on the Internet and asked. The answer popped up from Ask the Free Press-the Detroit Free Press, Jan. 30 edition, that is.

The article stated: “From the beginning of the 20th Century through the end of this century, that will have happened every 28 years. So calendars record five Sundays in February of 1920, 1948, 1976, 2004, 2032, 2060 and 2088.”

I might see another one, but not two.

The Internet is a wealth of information, and with the use of search engines it possible to find out almost anything you want to know. I read recently there are more than a billion Web sites currently active.

That a search engine can so quickly find the answer to my questions is mind boggling.

After all of the cold weather we’ve been having there are no flies…and therefore no jokes.

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