Mad cow disease hasn’t affected our household one bit. The hamburgers I ate last week were mighty tasty.

In pioneer days no one was afraid of anything because the media didn’t scare them every day. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be aware of potential problems. Common sense seems to be in short supply.

Our birthday boy, grandson Alex, got all of the attention last week because he just turned 6. His little brother Louie was feeling a little left out so he was asking his mom when it would be his birthday.

She said it would be when April comes. He then asked, “When is she coming?” (April works at their pizza joint).

–It was a good experience serving as the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce president this past year. We hope we made a little difference and helped move the town forward a little.

The state of the city is looking very good. Our staff has knocked themselves out the past few weeks to bring you the information contained in the Annual Report special section inserted in this week’s edition of the Free Press.

Our biggest fear is overlooking something or someone. With so much happening in town, it is nearly an impossible task to capture it all.

The gas cap on our truck is now locked. Recently we almost ran out of gas just two days after filling it, and the truck hadn’t been driven more than 80 miles.

I thought people only siphoned gas just before they traded in their vehicles.

AirTran made a record quarterly profit of $21-plus million last month, yet Wichita subsidizes its losses in Wichita’s Mid Continent airport. I’m glad AirTran is there, but is there something wrong with this picture?

The book “Hallowed Hardwood: Vintage Basketball Gyms of Kansas” by Brian Stucky of Goessel has just gone into a second printing since it was first printed last fall. It has statewide interest and basketball fans of all ages would find it a fascinating book with about 50 stories and more than 100 photos.

The Trojan Classic championship game looked more like brawlball than basketball to me. I thought basketball was a non-contact sport. Maybe it is just my age showing through.

Coach Darrel Knoll is to be congratulated for reaching the 300-win milestone in just 151/2 seasons. That’s averaging almost 20 wins per season. He has had a lot of dedicated players throughout these years with fine-honed skills, too. I’ve got to believe the JAM basketball program has a lot to do with our tradition of success.

The Trojans’ meltdown in the TMP game was just a blip on the radar screen. Who hasn’t had an off-day in their career?

–It’s beginning to get difficult remembering what I’ve already written about in this column. But if everyone has as much trouble remembering as I do, it probably won’t matter if something is repeated.

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