Warrior girls cruise to two more victories in the CVL

Marion girls’ coach Daryl Enos needed only one word to describe his team’s Friday night performance against Wichita Independent: “Excellent.”

The Warriors’ defense was impressively consistent at home as they caged the Panthers, 59-40, extending their win streak to five.

“We don’t want to give anybody a good shot-nobody does,” Enos said. “We want to put enough pressure on them that they get a little tired of handling the ball and make a mistake-hopefully we get to capitalize on that.”

The Warriors held Trinity to 11 shots during the first quarter while putting up 19 of their own.

In the first quarter, Brandi Peterie-Shipman led the Warriors’ offensive charge with 10 points, contributing half the points for Marion’s 20-10 lead.

Independent’s Liz Thompson opened the second quarter with a 2-point jumper, but the basket was quickly answered by Amy Tajchman, who nailed the only 3-pointer of the half with 6:12 remaining.

The Warriors’ defense continued to be effective, again holding the Panthers to 10 points in the quarter. Going into halftime, Marion remained in command with a 36-20 lead.

“We wanted to focus on our presses,” Enos said. “We showed them three different ones, kind of like we did against Trinity Tuesday night, but I think we played those a lot better tonight.”

Enos continued to emphasize his team’s focus for this month.

“Again, we’re focusing on details-rebounds, taking care of the ball, coming to the ball, all of those little nit-picky things that you don’t really think about,” he said. “But in the end, they really add up if you don’t take care of them.”

Enos was also pleased with the way his team’s offense has been coming together.

“People were looking to score,” he said. “We had a couple of kids who really stepped it up; they’d been kind of timid about their shooting.”

Following the half, Wichita Independent shifted strategies in an attempt to disrupt the Warriors.

“They pulled the ball out and were trying to slow (the game) down,” Enos said. “I think they understood they weren’t going to be able to run with us.”

For a short time, the Panthers’ new approach made an impact.

“There for awhile I thought, ‘Oh boy, I don’t want this slow-down ball game,'” Enos said. “That works in their favor.

“We were spending a lot of energy getting from one pass to the next that we weren’t really gaining anything out of-we just got tired.”

The two teams battled evenly during the third and fourth quarters with scores of 12-10 and 11-10, respectively.

For the game, Peterie-Shipman led the Warriors with 17 points and seven rebounds, followed by Tajchman with 11 points and three steals. Emmy Bowers added 10 points and eight rebounds.

The Panthers were led by Kelly Mossburg, who scored 14.

As a team, the Warriors (7-2) shot 45 percent from the field, the Panthers 31 percent.

Reflecting on his team’s overall performance, Enos concluded, “I thought we looked pretty good.”

Wichita Trinity-The Marion girls frustrated host Wichita Trinity early, outscoring the Knights 35-8 in the first half before going on to win 51-24 on Tuesday.

“Things were going well for us during the first half,” coach Daryl Enos said. “They got pretty frustrated early and they were kind of cold and got colder.”

Still, Marion’s defense was a strong factor in the win. On the night, seven Warrior girls combined for 17 steals.

“We showed them several different looks of different types of presses in the first half and really made a lot of good points off of the those things,” Enos said. “They were trying to get the ball down the floor and made errant passes-we got the numbers on them.”

Despite a slow offensive start in the first quarter, the Warriors led 17-5 going into the second. From there, the story didn’t change.

Marion continued to roll over the Knights in business-like fashion during the second quarter with an 18-3 performance.

“When you get a big lead like that, it’s sometimes hard to keep your focus in the second half,” Enos said. “In fact, they outscored us in the third quarter.”

The damage already done, Marion and Trinity split the final two quarters, 8-9 for Trinity in the third quarter and 8-7 for Marion in the final period.

“They came out with a little more spirit in the third quarter-give them credit for that,” Enos said. “They’re not a bad ball club. We just caught them unaware and played well.”

Offensively, Brandie Peterie-Shipman shot 50 percent from the field and led the Warriors with 18 points. Amy Tajchman added 10 and Leann Thomas seven.

Defensively, Peterie-Shipman led with 10 rebounds and Sarah Williams added eight. Williams and Tajchman each also had four steals.

“I was a little concerned about how we were going to play against them down there,” Enos said. “Last year we lost a heartbreaker to them. I knew we had to get out on them early.”

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