EDITORIAL: Hunger in our backyard

If Hillsboro were typical of the state of Kansas, 115 households in our community-10 percent of the total-would have experienced an uncertain availability or access to enough food at some time during the past year. In 41 one of those households, the problem would have been so severe that one or more individuals went hungry at some time during the year.

That’s the local equivalent of a recent study released by the Kansas Health Institute (Page 3). Some 105,000 households in Kansas have uncertain access to adequate food, and in 38,000 an individual went hungry.

That’s astonishing. We don’t think of hunger as being a pervasive issue in our country, much less our state. Some may argue the results of this study, but even if the number of households affected were one-tenth of the projected total, we should be ashamed.

This study apparently did not suggest solutions, but if we are a people of conscience we must find ways to act. Certainly the state has a role to play, but so does the private sector-specifically the church community.

The first step is make ourselves aware of the problem. The hungry live not just in impoverished countries around the world. They live in our state. Do they live in our community? Do we know-and do we care? -DR

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