Lagniappe is downsizing, moving across the street

One year after opening Lagniappe (A Little Extra) in Hillsboro, Terri Allen has decided to downsize her retail store and move to a new location-directly across the street to the east side of North Main.

“We decided (to move) the first part of December,” Allen said. “We were able to look back and see what was working well and what was just working. Consignment was working, but it just wasn’t working enough.”

Located in the former Sunflower Office Products’ location, Lagniappe featured tanning beds, offered consignment opportunities for customers’ antiques, vintage collectibles and arts and crafts, and the retail store was an outlet for Allen, an eBay trading assistant, to buy and sell for customers on eBay.

The eBay service is an online shopping network. Allen has decided to keep the eBay service and offer two tanning beds in her new location but drop the consignment portion of her business.

“We want to be able to get back to basics and focus on service for eBay,” Allen said. “That’s where our level of service had gone down, and we want to get back to really raising the standard again for that. It’s just an untapped market in this area.”

The move leaves Marisa Root, owner of Little Pleasures coffeehouse and bakery, in the Sunflower Office space north of Lagniappe without a co-tenant.

Lagniappe’s north wall was open so customers could enter its door and walk into Little Pleasures. Root said she plans to stay in that location at least until Jan. 30.

“And as of the 15th of January, I can find out by then if it will be even longer,” Root said.

About two days before finding out Lagniappe would be moving, Root had a new permanent sign painted on the awning of her side of the retail space.

“It’s really nice,” Root said about the sign. “I saved up my tip money, and I was able to buy a sign. People here are so generous with their tips.”

Allen will be moving Lagniappe to 130 N. Main, next to the Kunkel Construction office located at 132 N. Main.

Kunkel Construction also operated Home Expressions, a home-decorating store that gradually closed its doors over the past year.

“Kunkel Construction will still be residing at 132 N. Main,” Kunkel said. “But Home Expressions has closed, and a new retail store will be there in the spring.” Kunkel declined to say what will be moving into the former Home Expressions’ space.

“That person told me they don’t want it to be public knowledge,” Kunkel said.

Allen plans to open in her new location during the second week in January.

“There’s going to be a little gap before we’re ready for tanners, because they’re going to run 220 for the tanning beds,” Allen said. “So other than the wiring, we’ll be ready to go.”

Listening to advice from a business acquaintance, Allen said she realized she was giving up a building not a business.

“So when people walk in and say they’re sorry to hear I’m closing, it’s a joy to say ‘I’m not,'” Allen said. “We’re just downsizing.”

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