Recognizing the Divine

One of the ironies of the original Christmas story was that the majority of people who were watching and waiting most fervently for the Messiah to be born missed him when he came. They wanted a king to come with an army and free them from their oppressors. Instead, they got a homeless teacher and healer who talked about loving one’s enemies, about returning evil with good and about the meek inheriting the earth.

Eventually, they killed him.

This tragedy isn’t an indictment of Judaism. Instead, it’s a warning to all of us who put God in prescribed boxes, who overlay our own wishes and desires on God’s will, and who are closed to the appearance of the Divine in unexpected places and forms.

On the day when we mark the arrival of the Unexpected One, we would honor him most by pledging ourselves to look carefully for evidence of the Divine where we least expect it. To find it would be truly be the gift that keeps on giving. -DR

An outside appraisal

To hear the presentation last week from Home Town Developers, the company behind the proposed Windover at Hillsboro housing development, was to be reminded that this community has a lot going for it in a day when so many rural towns struggle to survive.

Those of us who live here day after day so easily dwell on the limitations. Sometimes it takes an “outsider” to help us see ourselves in a different light. We wish these entrepreneurs well on their project and trust our enthusiasm for Hillsboro’s future will match theirs. -DR

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