We were trying to think of a way to cushion the bad deal the employees of our new downtown restaurant received, and show our community cares. We came up with a “Christmas Fund” for them with collection boxes in all five of Hillsboro’s financial institutions. We are not responsible for their paychecks, but want them to have a little cash for Christmas. Thanks for your concern.

I wrote here some time ago that we have a portable external hard drive that enables us to backup all of our business and live newspaper and printing files. I called that back-up system our “disaster” drive. Apparently, it has never liked that name because it has malfunctioned on a regular basis.

So I had one more idea: I just initialized it and gave it a new name, “Our Little Friend.” Maybe this will help us get along a better.

A hammer is a much better tool than a computer-simply because it always works and has no moving parts.

The Minnesota transplants are again astonished at how quickly we call off events in Kansas because of snow. At least we’re not as skiddish about such things as folks who live in the south.

Our patio table had a perfectly level layer of pure white snow on it and it measured exactly 6.75 inches deep. Since it probably settled a little I will say the official snowfall for downtown was 7 inches.

For fun on Saturday afternoon, I took a few snow photos and sent them via the internet to the grandsons. I know they have never seen our park in a blanket of snow.

I howled when I saw on the ticker at the bottom of the screen on television Friday night that the Snowball Dance in Garden City was being cancelled because of the snow.

Among the many things to eat, I have many favorites. Every so often I think of something I haven’t had for a while. During the years we didn’t live in Hillsboro, we visited Nancy’s parents, who always gave us a Sunday morning treat of liver sausage with mustard or horseradish, big round cheese and zwieback. Now there is a combination that’s hard to beat.

Can you make bierrocks with tuna instead of hamburger?

The forecast for next Saturday afternoon is 40 degrees and no snow. See you at the parade.

Last Saturday night I was given the responsibility of making dinner because Nancy’s store was open late.

I was given instructions for everything to make but the vegetable. Turns out that frozen green beans take longer than three minutes in the microwave. I kind of like them that way, though.

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