Tabor student cheers

showed true character

I thought Tabor was a nice Christian college, but the behavior by the students at the Bethel game last Thursday showed their true school character.

And I’ll bet you go to church every Sunday and pretend to be fine, upstanding citizens. How can you perceive yourself as Christians and still act as you did?

If ever there was crowd that showed poor sportsmanship it was these children. I call them children because that is exactly how they acted.

The name-calling and racial slurs you hurled at some of the Bethel players was disgusting. The team members themselves were very respectful and you owed it to your team to act like adults. You disrespected your own team by your actions.

To his credit the Tabor coach tried to quiet you down, but you didn’t show respect for him either.

I’m not saying Bethel students didn’t do some things also, but at least they didn’t call opposing players names and cheer while Tabor was taking their free throws as you did.

Even when they had the drawing for the tickets you couldn’t keep your mouths shut. I hope all of you are really proud of your actions because you really “did your team proud.”

I know I will hear plenty after this letter is published but the people who did this will never see it in themselves how bad their behavior was.

Pat Ford


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