EDITORIALS: One terrorism war won

Effective city government is sometimes like effective sports officiating-you don’t notice it as readily when the job is being done well.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed what frustrating thing hasn’t been happening for quite some time within the city of Hillsboro. We didn’t notice it either until someone brought it to our attention recently.

No electrical outages.

That’s right. President Bush may still be battling his war on terrorism in Iraq, but City Administrator Steven Garrett and the well-trained troopers in the city electrical department have all but wiped out terrorism via suicide squirrels. You know the ones we mean-those fuzzy-tailed fanatics who apparently declared a state of jihad on the free flow of electrical current we all hold so dearly.

Contacted by our office, Garrett told us this non-shocking development is the result of an ongoing but quiet campaign to put wildlife guards on every vulnerable transformer in town and remove tree limbs that may disrupt our electrical lines in a violent wind. The strategy appears to be working.

Sorry we didn’t notice it sooner, Mr. Garrett, but we thank you and your team for doing this job well.

So, it’s on to the next crisis: What to do with the sudden overpopulation of squirrels in town. -DR

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